Beautiful, hand-made feather jewellery

Beautiful, hand-made feather jewellery

Of the many types of hand-crafted jewellery we produce at LWSilver, our range of silver feather jewellery is among our most popular.

The feather is a powerful symbol of freedom, peace, and spirituality, making these items a favourite for customers in touch with this aspect of their lives.

Feathers as a symbol

Feathers are a common symbol in many cultures across the world, with two common traits appearing throughout history. They often represent a connection to the spiritual and the divine, as well as being a symbol of flight and freedom, be it physically, mentally, or spiritually.

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The feather in Native American culture

Feathers are sacred items among many Native American peoples. The Iroquois perform Great Feather Dances in thanks for their gods’ blessings, while the Hopi, Pueblo and Zuni tribes planted prayer sticks, decorated with feathers, in their holy places. The fluttering of the feathers in the wind was a way of sending prayers to their gods.

Remembrance jewellery

Marking the connection between the physical and the ethereal realm, feathers often symbolise a loved one’s passing. Some customers have asked us to incorporate ashes from a deceased relative or pet into the jewellery to create a lasting memorial of them, which we are happy to do.

A personal touch

Whether you are creating a piece of remembrance jewellery or a gift for a friend or loved one, you can personalise it by having the person’s name engraved on the reverse side of the feather.

A range of beautiful jewellery options

With feathers being such a potent symbol for so many of our customers, we want to make sure you have plenty of choice, whether buying for yourself or as a gift. Among our silver feather range you will find the following:

Buy them as single pieces for yourself or a loved one, or get the complete set.

High-quality, hand-made silver jewellery

All our jewellery is carefully crafted by hand at our small workshop on the Wirral peninsula. With our long years of experience in decorative silverware, you can be sure of high-quality products every time you order.

Get your own feather jewellery today

Our hand-crafted silver feather jewellery is available for customers across the globe. Whether you choose them for their spiritual or cultural significance, to commemorate a loved one, or simply because you like the shape, we have plenty of items to choose from. Check out our range of products for more details, or call us on 07969 301 274.

“My husband got me this necklace for Christmas. I love it. I recently got one for my aunt who sadly lost her husband at new year, it has such sentiments and means a lot. Thank you LWSilver”

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  1. I wear my bracelet and my necklace 24/7. Love to be seen in them, always. People comment positively all the time. Its also hard hard wearing enough to live safely through my punishing lifestyle. Thank you Lisa, for making me feel special!

    Val de G
    07/11/2022 Reply

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