Jewellery Video | Gold Touch Cufflinks

Jewellery Video | Gold Touch Cufflinks

Jewellery Video | 60 Second Silver

Here is the first of many jewellery video diaries from LWSilver’s workshop. A look at the methods and skills involved in the process of making jewellery.

The gold touch cufflinks are handmade and crafted from sterling silver and 9ct gold granulated balls. They have an organic look with a hammered texture within the domes and an matte effect.

LWSilver is a jewellery business based in the Wirral, UK where all pieces are designed and lovingly handmade in the workshop. We are a team of passionate jewellery makers, designing quality unique and handmade jewellery from the initial concept to the finished product.

Check out the final product – gold touch cufflinks

Interested in learning how to make your own jewellery?

If you would like to attend the Basic Jewellery Making Skills course, please contact Lisa via email or call 07969 301 274 for more information.

Read more about the Basic Jewellery Making Skills course

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